Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost everyone is aware of the ongoing situation in the north of our country, especially Swat valley. Due to the pertaining conditions, almost 10 lakh people have fled to take refuge in camps where there are no facilities such as food, water, clothes, health, shelter etc.
I request, all of the telecom operators such as
Ufone --------- Tum hi to Ho!
Mobilink --------- Aur Sunao!
Zong --------- Sub Keh Do!
Telenor --------- It’s Fun to be Young!
Warid --------- Life Ka Network!
to keep up to their slogans and to provide good packages to peoples as you do in your competitive markets. You provide entertainment at different occasions such Eids, New Year by arranging different stage shows, dramas etc but this time it’s the real suffering people who need your help!

(An email which I sent to all mobile networks).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

These were the words of a young man, who was in his late 20’s and from overall look he appeared to be from far flung area of NWFP, while he was standing at a stationary shop beside me in Peshawar Saddar. The shop owner grimaced at him and asked why? He said, “Sorry Sir, it’s late in Saturday evening and I forgot that the office of my mobile network provider will be closed at this time. What will I do with this Photostat as it is useless for me till Monday?”
The shop owner and I exchanged smiles with each other, when we heard these words from that ignorant young fellow. He was then explained that never to give your NIC to someone as there are a lot of scams occurring on the basis of NIC’s and one should always write on top of the Photostat that this copy is for this purpose only. For example, that this NIC copy is for PTCL connection only.
He was completely mesmerized when he left the shop.