Thursday, October 15, 2009

A report published today on BBC states that the scientists are now able to control living bugs through remote control. What was done during the experiment is that they gained control of the nervous system of the bug, by means of chips attached to its body, and made it to fly in the room by controlling it through a Laptop.
What I want to stress here is that the world is moving towards miniature technologies and we should not lag behind. I know that we are going through a bad time but we should not lose hope and keep striving. This technology has a lot of implications esp. military and we should also be using it for surviellance etc. to compete with other countries.

Read the full article to know more.

Saturday, October 10, 2009 is a search engine created to make the online life easier for the Muslims. It filters all the websites which contain any immoral or pornographic content. And shows you only the web pages which have content suitable for the Muslims.

A quick search for the term 'porn' does not yield any results for me and it was displayed that this content is Haram in category 3. And also to tell you that it is in the beginning stages and its filter might be lacking somewhere but InshAllah it will improve with time.
I will recommend this search engine to all the parents for their kids who are new on the internet so that they don't reach any place which is not suitable for them.