Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remote controlled living insects

A report published today on BBC states that the scientists are now able to control living bugs through remote control. What was done during the experiment is that they gained control of the nervous system of the bug, by means of chips attached to its body, and made it to fly in the room by controlling it through a Laptop.
What I want to stress here is that the world is moving towards miniature technologies and we should not lag behind. I know that we are going through a bad time but we should not lose hope and keep striving. This technology has a lot of implications esp. military and we should also be using it for surviellance etc. to compete with other countries.

Read the full article to know more.


faisal said...

:D nice post... i think they have put some similar chips in people of waziristan too.... :D

Anonymous said...

Please write about what's happening in and around Peshawar at the moment.
When I found ur blog the 1st time I was so excited. I thought I would reading about life in Peshawar.
that will make ur blog nuique and more popular.
also post some new pics of life in Peshawar.



Ahsan Ahmed said...

Thanks Ahmad for visiting my blog. I have been busy lately with many real life chores. InshAllah will try to post what you expected. Stay Tuned!