Sunday, March 15, 2009

[Image] Morning Sepia

This picture was taken at Cantt. Peshawar at about 7am.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There are always times when there is a task to finish in a limited amount of time and suddenly you start to feel tired and sleepy.To get back in action,

Take a tech-free break

Being at the mercy of electronic devices keeps us in "fight-or-flight mode," Kingsley says. You get an adrenaline zap every time the cell phone rings or an email comes in. Over time, living off adrenaline exhausts you. Cell phones, in particular, put increased stress on women, research shows.

Even though both men and women say that their cell phones allow job worries to affect their home lives, only women experience the opposite effect—the spillover of home concerns into work. The solution: "Set boundaries at work and home," Kingsley suggests, "so your attention isn't always divided." Give yourself at least an hour a day when you completely unplug from electronic devices. That chance to check in and connect with yourself will re-energize you, she says.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

;).The timing of this picture gives a feeling that the car is lifted by the horse.This picture is taken in front of radio station peshawar.

Friday, March 06, 2009

'Dear Customer! In order to ensure a high quality SMS sending experience for all our valued customers, automatic SMS delivery confirmation will not be available.'
A message received from Ufone on 4/3/09.I am personally very keen of receiving the delivery report but after this i am always unsure whether my message got delivered or not.

Monday, March 02, 2009

After the announcement of ufone's unlimited sms package (unlimited in their dictionary means 500), i have tried this package twice.But at both times, i was very much annoyed at their service.At first i tried to activate this package at 12.00am but received the activation message at 03.45 am and at second occasion i didn't get the activation message even after 9 hrs.And the funny thing is that the amount is deducted at the time you send the activation request not at receiving the activation confirmation.
I know that this can be due to network overload but a company should know its network's capacity before announcing such packages rather than fooling and looting its customers.

For the last few days, Sunsilk is promoting its shampoo by showing a girl dancing and shaking on the streets which i totally object.
I want to ask the authorities which type of culture they are promoting.This is not our Pakistani heritage.And a morally sound Pakistani will not allow its sister, daughter etc to shake its booty on the streets.
Its time for us to rise and stop this non sense which is slowly instilled into our societies.