Monday, April 25, 2005

Smoking can reduce life

Smokers could lose up to seven years off their life expectancy.

Scientists say a 30-year-old man will live on average until he is 82 if he doesn't smoke. But if he smokes he will lose 5.5 years and die aged 76.8.

A woman of the same age has a life expectancy of 86 - reduced by 6.8 years to 79 if she smokes reports the Daily Express.

Angus McDonald, who led the survey for the Actuary Profession said: "The striking thing is that smoking has a bigger effect on how long you will live than whether you are a man or woman."

The Continuous Mortality Investigation was collected from more than two and a half million people taking out life insurance policies or endowments.

Although those surveyed may not have died of smoking-related diseases, smokers' lifestyles often mean they are at far higher risk of alcohol and diet-related problems.

A Chinese man who found a two-headed snake at his home is raising it as his pet.

The two-headed snake /Zhang Qi

The man, called Yang, discovered the unusual reptile in a discarded bag in his yard in Zhenyang town, Henan province.

He has decided to raise the snake in a washbasin in his family home.

Both the two heads are well-developed, and each have eyes and a mouth.

The snake, bearing red and black rings, is more than half a metre long, and as thick as an adult's thumb.

Yang says the snake has a very good appetite for mice.

An expert from the local forestry department believes the abnormal wild snake was formed by environmental effects during gestation, reports Jinbao Daily.

Where did the name come from?

There are many companies / brands / products whose names were derived from strange circumstances:

Mercedes -> This was actually the financier's daughter's name.

Adobe -> This came from name of the river Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of founder John Warnock.

Apple Computers > It was the favorite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. He was three months late in filing a name for the business, and he threatened to call his company Apple Computers if the other colleagues didn't suggest a better name by 5 o'clock.

CISCO -> It is not an acronym as popularly believed. It is short for San Francisco.

Compaq -> This name was formed by using COMp, for computer, and PAQ to denote a small integral object.

Corel -> The name was derived from the founder's name Dr.Michael Cowpland.It stands for COwpland REsearch Laboratory.

Google -> The name started as a joke boasting about the amount of information the search-engine would be able to search. It was originally named 'Googol', a word for the number represented by 1 followed by 100 zeros. After founders - Stanford graduate students Sergey Brin and Larry Page presented their project to an angel investor, they received a cheque made out to 'Google'.

Hotmail -> Founder Jack Smith got the idea of accessing e-mail via the web from a computer anywhere in the world. When Sabeer Bhatia came up with the business plan for the mail service, he tried all kinds of names ending in 'mail' and finally settled for hotmail as it included the letters "html" - the programming language used to write web pages. It was initially referred to as HoTMaiL with selective uppercasing.

Hewlett Packard -> Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett.

Intel -> Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name their new company 'Moore Noyce' but that was already trademarked by a hotel chain so they had to settle for an acronym of INTegrated ELectronics.

Microsoft -> Coined by Bill Gates to represent the company that was devoted to MICROcomputer SOFTware. Originally christened Micro-Soft, the '-' was removed later on.

Motorola -> Founder Paul Galvin came up with this name when his company started manufacturing radios for cars. The popular radio company at the time was called Victrola.

ORACLE -> Larry Ellison and Bob Oats were working on a consulting project for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). The code name for the project was called Oracle (the CIA saw this as the system to give answers to all questions or something such). The project was designed to help use the newly written SQL code by IBM. The project eventually was terminated but Larry
and Bob decided to finish what they started and bring it to the world. They kept the name Oracle and created the RDBMS engine. Later they kept the same name for the company.

Sony -> It originated from the Latin word 'sonus' meaning sound, and 'sonny' a slang used by Americans to refer to a bright youngster.

SUN -> Founded by 4 Stanford University buddies, SUN is the acronym for Stanford University Network. Andreas Bechtolsheim built a microcomputer; Vinod Khosla recruited him and Scot t McNealy to manufacture computers based on it, and Bill Joy to develop a UNIX-based OS for the computer.

Yahoo! -> The word was invented by Jonathan Swift and used in his book 'Gulliver's Travels'. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human. Yahoo! Founders Jerry Yang and David Filo selected the name because they considered themselves yahoos.

C++ -> Bjarne Stroustrup called his new language 'C with Classes' and then 'new C'.Because of which the original C began to be called 'old C' which was considered insulting to the C community. At this time Rick Mascitti suggested the name C++ as a successor to C.

Java -> James Gosling,and his project is now known as Java Originally called Oak by creator James Gosling, from the tree that stood outside his window, the programming team had to look for a substitute as there was no other language with the same name. Java was selected from a list of suggestions. It came from the name of the coffee that the programmers drank.

Linux -> Linus Torvalds originally used the Minix OS on his system which he replaced by his OS. Hence the working name was Linux (Linus' Minix). He thought the name to be too egotistical and planned to name it Freax (free + freak + x). His friend Ari Lemmk encouraged Linus to upload it to a network so it could be easily downloaded. Ari gave Linus a directory called linux on his FTP server, as he did not like the name Freax. (Linus' parents named him after two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling)

And last but not the least

Dell Computers -> Named after the founder Michael Dell.

Source: G3techNews

Monday, April 11, 2005

Game of the Month

Hi guys! I have brought a new section for U!

"Game of the Month"

All the games in this section will be small,built in flash & could be downloaded to your PC.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back to Abbottabad

I will meet u freinds when i come back & this time i will be having a surprise for you,So keep guessing What it would Be!

Admission Open to Paradise

Caution: read it carefully, please!
Admission Open to Paradise

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) Muslim
(ii) Belief in ALLAH as well as in the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
(iii) Belief in the Day of Judgement.

Rules and Regulations:

(i) Admission will be based on open merit
(ii) There will be no self-finance scheme
(iii) Reserved seats for Shuhada.
(iv) Only those will be allowed to enter, who get their result cards in right hands
(v) Those who get their result cards in left hand will not be eligible for the admission in Paradise.

Examination Procedure:

(i) Practical examination is your life time.
(ii) Viva will be conducted on the Day of Judgement.
(iii) First question will be asked about prayer
(iv) Final merit list will be displayed on the same day.
(v) No supplementary exam will be held.


This world is an examination hall, you do not know the time when the Malak-ul-Maut, will take away your answer sheet. In order to make sure your success, you must attempt your paper with great care and must perform your practical examination with great concentration. For syllabus, please consult Holy Quran and Hadeeth.
You are much worried about this life, this world is just like a drop and the life of hereafter is like an ocean. Now the choice is yours.
Special Concession:
Allah has set some special consessions during the month of Ramadan. The marks are multiplied by 70 times of each questions. You have a chance to reset your wrong answers. Some people get the direct success of the exam in this month.

Just imagine if your name is not in the list of selected candidates???

Think About It!

One day a fellow went into town to purchase a horse.
"I can see you are a religious fellow," the horse saleman told him. This fine specimen here is the horse for you. It's an Islamic horse."

"Oh, and what makes this particular horse Islamic?" asked the buyer, feeling a little sceptical.

"Well, when you say, 'Al hamdu lillah' (praise be to God), it goes; and when you say, 'La ilaha illallah wa Muhammad rasulullah' (there is no god but God and Muhammad is His prophet), it stops. What could be easier?"

"Hmm. I guess I'll take it." He paid the salesman, jumped on the horse, and said "Al hamdu lillah," and off the horse went, like a bullet, the new owner hanging on for dear life.

Over hill and dale the horse sped, while the befuddled owner tried to remember what to say to make it stop. He tried every religious phrase he could think of, but he couldn't remember the right one. Finally, the horse neared the edge of a cliff, and showed no sign of slowing down. Seeing he was about to die, the owner reaffirmed his faith, as is Islamic tradition: he said "La ilaha illallah wa Muhammad rasulullah!" and the horse stopped, at the very edge of the cliff.

The owner was full of amazement and relief. In gratitude for his deliverance, he sighed, "Al hamdu lillah."
Read it and understand it...I hope it will work somewhere for someone, amen.

When you work for ALLAH, ALLAH works for you.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Teenagers use 'spy pen'

A pen that conceals what is written is a big hit with Chinese teenagers.

The pen, also called "invisible pen", uses special ink which left no marks on papers, while can be read with a mini purple lamp on the other end of the pen.

The pen is popular with students in Wuhan who are using it in exams or writing love letters.

"The pen should totally be forbidden. It is bad to the mental health of the students," said the principal of a local school.

But students disagree. A girl student named Wang said: "The pen has irreplaceable advantages. My mom always loves to peek at my diaries, and with this pen, she has no idea," reports Chutian Golden Newspaper.

The first mobile phone virus capable of rifling through a phonebook and automatically sending a copy of itself to uninfected phones was discovered by anti-virus researchers on Monday.

Commwarrior has no malicious payload but it spreads more insidiously than any phone virus to date because it appears to come from a friend and can spread over long distances, say researchers at the Finnish security firm F-Secure in Helsinki.

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