Monday, April 25, 2005

Smoking can reduce life

Smokers could lose up to seven years off their life expectancy.

Scientists say a 30-year-old man will live on average until he is 82 if he doesn't smoke. But if he smokes he will lose 5.5 years and die aged 76.8.

A woman of the same age has a life expectancy of 86 - reduced by 6.8 years to 79 if she smokes reports the Daily Express.

Angus McDonald, who led the survey for the Actuary Profession said: "The striking thing is that smoking has a bigger effect on how long you will live than whether you are a man or woman."

The Continuous Mortality Investigation was collected from more than two and a half million people taking out life insurance policies or endowments.

Although those surveyed may not have died of smoking-related diseases, smokers' lifestyles often mean they are at far higher risk of alcohol and diet-related problems.