Sunday, April 10, 2005

Admission Open to Paradise

Caution: read it carefully, please!
Admission Open to Paradise

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) Muslim
(ii) Belief in ALLAH as well as in the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
(iii) Belief in the Day of Judgement.

Rules and Regulations:

(i) Admission will be based on open merit
(ii) There will be no self-finance scheme
(iii) Reserved seats for Shuhada.
(iv) Only those will be allowed to enter, who get their result cards in right hands
(v) Those who get their result cards in left hand will not be eligible for the admission in Paradise.

Examination Procedure:

(i) Practical examination is your life time.
(ii) Viva will be conducted on the Day of Judgement.
(iii) First question will be asked about prayer
(iv) Final merit list will be displayed on the same day.
(v) No supplementary exam will be held.


This world is an examination hall, you do not know the time when the Malak-ul-Maut, will take away your answer sheet. In order to make sure your success, you must attempt your paper with great care and must perform your practical examination with great concentration. For syllabus, please consult Holy Quran and Hadeeth.
You are much worried about this life, this world is just like a drop and the life of hereafter is like an ocean. Now the choice is yours.
Special Concession:
Allah has set some special consessions during the month of Ramadan. The marks are multiplied by 70 times of each questions. You have a chance to reset your wrong answers. Some people get the direct success of the exam in this month.

Just imagine if your name is not in the list of selected candidates???