Monday, March 02, 2009

For the last few days, Sunsilk is promoting its shampoo by showing a girl dancing and shaking on the streets which i totally object.
I want to ask the authorities which type of culture they are promoting.This is not our Pakistani heritage.And a morally sound Pakistani will not allow its sister, daughter etc to shake its booty on the streets.
Its time for us to rise and stop this non sense which is slowly instilled into our societies.


Atif Siddiqui said...

Completely agree. Media is getting out of control.... limits should be applied to it.

bigtugboat said...

The tragedy is that now a vast majority of people of Pakistan accepts all such crap in the name of broadmindedness, fun, masti, masala, lets enjoy life, be cool, be modern, be bold and so on. This is the group that does not have ability to think and see what is right and what is wrong. They feel whatever feels good is right and what everybody is doing cannot be wrong.

Those who have capacity to think and object to such things are labeled as narrow minded, mullahs, backward, primitive and jaahil :(