Monday, March 21, 2005

Hydrogen-powered bike is too quiet

The world's first hydrogen-powered motorbike has been launched in Britain.

Nick Talbot unveils the world's first purpose-built hydrogen-powered motorcycle /Empics

It can reach 50mph in 12 seconds, produces no emissions and is as quiet as a laptop computer - but that could be a problem.

Anti-noise campaigners welcomed the prospect of a motorbike without the usual earth-shattering roar.

But engineers are considering adding an artificial "vroom" as they were worried its silence might be dangerous.

Harry Bradbury, chief executive of manufacturer Intelligent Energy, said: "There has never been a silent bike produced, so no one is used to it.

"As it goes forward towards production, we're going to give thought to some light noise modulation."

He is planning to introduce an artificial engine noise which could be used in an urban setting to alert other road users but switched off in the countryside to allow for a peaceful ride.

The bike is powered by a briefcase-sized cell filled with high-pressure hydrogen, which needs to be topped up every 100 miles.

Courtesy: Ananova


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