Saturday, March 19, 2005

Key To Success

If A equals success, then the formula is

_ A = _ X + _ Y + _ Z.

_ X is work.
_ Y is play.
_ Z is keep your mouth shut.

-- Albert Einstein


farazjk said...

The key to true mobility and being mobile is high speed data connections over existing wireless networks. Till Telenor stepped in, the only way to get connected wirelessly was was using a CSD (dialup) WAP connection on Mobilink GSM. Telenor's Rs15/1MB charges (plus Tax) were hardly reasonable but atleast they introduced a new service. This made Ufone and Mobilink to step up their services too. Mobilink came up with a Rs 500 unlimited GPRS package for its Post Paid users, Which is still available. Then Telenor introduced so called EDGE network which hardly works on the EDGE speed specifications but rather is slightly faster than the currently available GPRS connections. Mobilink is also planning to launch EDGE starting from Islamabad. For the last few days Mobilink EDGE network was active in Laghore ... how I know? I use Sony Ericsson GC89 EDGE/GPRS/Wifi card on my notebook... and few days back the indicator on the screen switched to EDGE instead of the usual GPRS. The speed was truly amazing as it worked better than a 256KBPS cable connection. Unfortunately since last night the indicator has switched back to GPRS and speed is down again to 32-38 KiloBits or 3.5 - 4.5 KiloBytes which is pretty frustrating.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that soon they will resume their EDGE testing in Lahore or better yet they will launch EDGE.