Monday, November 14, 2005

History of Computer Viruses

The Evolution of Viruses

1983: Virus researcher Fred Cohen coins the term "computer virus" in a research paper.

1987:Brain, the first computer virus, is released. It infects the boot sector of 360KB floppy disks and uses stealth techniques to leave the computer unaware of it. Stoned (the first virus to infect the Master Boot Record) is released. It scrambles the hard drive's MBR, preventing a system from booting.

1988: The first antivirus software is released by an Indonesian programmer. It detects the Brain virus, excises it from a computer, and immunizes the system against further Brain attacks.

The Internet Worm is released onto the nascent Net and brings down about 6000 computers.

1989:Dark Avenger appears. It infects programs quickly, but the subsequent damage happens slowly, permitting the virus to go undetected for a long time.