Monday, October 30, 2006

Stop Killing Innocent People

The Recent Bombardment of a Madrassa in Bajaur(BBC News) has got my Fahrenheit to shoot up.I don't know why our government has a developed a lust for killing innocent people just to satisfy Washington in order to persuade them that we are with them in the war against terror.
Why don't they see that they are the ones who are spreading terrorism in Afghanistan,Iraq and now aiming for Iran.
As a Peace Loving Human of this Planet Earth,
I strongly condemn the action of Pakistani Government.


the olive ream said...

When one is fighting a farcical war on terror, you are bound to shoot innocent people and label them 'terrorists' for PR purposes.

Unfortunately, aligning yourself with the devil may win you points for combating terrorism but it certainly will not win you support from the ordinary, sane general populace who possess the ability to see the truth and usually neither forgive nor forget!

PS. great blog - enjoyed perusing your wares.