Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Lovely Fox

Hey! Why are you using a browser other than the Firefox?

This thing has completely revolutionized everyone's browsing experience.Take a look at my Fox:

My Lovely Fox,the Firefox!

Its a very secure & fast browser and has all the features which you can imagine.Its magic lies in the add-ons.I am currently using following extensions:

1.Tab Mix Plus-alot of options for managing tabs.
2.Cooliris preview-look at a page without clicking the link.
3.No Script-Blocks all kinds of Java Scripts.
4.Flashblock-stops all kinds of flash media from downloading.
5.Scrapbook-Allows to view the pages in Offline mode.
6.ErrorZilla-Replaces the default "page cannot be displayed screen with page with a no. of options
7.Flashgot-Attaches your download manager with Firefox.
8.Tinymenu-Shrinks the menu into single popup.

I am currently using the Vista Aero theme for firefox.All these extensions and themes be downloaded from the firefox hompage.