Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free Online Fatwas By Deoband Madrassa It is a website by famous deoband madrassa of India which offers free online Islamic fatwas.It has a nice archive of answers to common problem related to Prayers,Wedding,Funeral,Women issues,Halal & Haram and many more.I was really impressed by the Taharah(purity) section.
And the lovely thing is that If you want to ask a question,they will answer you by email within a few days.I asked a question in the past and the responded me in 3 days.All Islamic brothers,Please ask them as many questions as you want,So that you lead a better life both in this world and the next one! Ameen.



I have asked 3 questions i.e question no. 15560,15559 and 15254 but have not recd any reply up till date. Very disappointing.