Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pakistan Snow Leopard Quest

I saw this documentary by BBC about Pakistan's Snow Leopard on Youtube and i don't feel any repentance to say that ,after watching national geographic for more than 15 years, i have not seen any breathtaking, spectacular and awesome video of wildlife like this ever before.

The main glory of this video is the Snow Leopard,which is one of the rarest seen animals.It starts by how BBC people make their journey to the Ladakh and Himalayan mountains of Pakistan and their wait to capture the leopard.They dance and sing at the new years eve when they capture the leopard for the first time on the camera.The movie ends by the most fabulous hunting of Markhor on the steepy slopes by the utmost beautiful cat.

This video shows the beauty of Pakistan such as the snow covered peaks and the undiscovered terrains.

And above all

I say Thanks to Almighty Allah for gifting Pakistan with such beauty.
Download Link; the download is not Resume Supported so get it in one go.

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