Sunday, February 10, 2008

An Email I Wrote

How are you,Brother! I think you still remember me somewhere in your Grey matter.How is everyone on your side?
Me and all my country fellows are going through a very hard period.Last night three explosions occurred.One in ANP's political address in charsadda and two others in a video center & a barber's shop in peshawar.Everyone over here is very much depressed.
There are problems of electricity,gas,water,food,health,education and law everywhere.
The only way i think, to get out of this is that everyone should accept his responsibility and do the best he can.
May Allah Help All The Muslims of the World,Ameen!
Take Care.
Allah Hafiz."

I wrote this email to my friend,Mahmood Aslam,who is an engineer living in Canada basically belonging to Haripur,NWFP.