Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There is ongoing load shedding of about 14-18 hrs daily and I wonder if the clocks were not moved one hour ahead, then we would have been facing 24 hrs load shedding daily and in that case the electricity production of a nuclear country would have been zero.How funny!

I plea to the authorities that either to show the people the real benefits of moving the clock ahead or to relieve the people,esp. the uneducated ones, of this confusion of New Time or Old Time.

I also want to explain here that the clocks are moved ahead in only those northern countries in which the sun only shines for 4-5 hrs during certain period of the year.So they wake up early in the morning and finish all of their work in sunlight.Contrary to this, the sun shines in Pakistan for almost 10-14 hrs round the year, so logically there is no use of moving the clock ahead.