Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Beauty in Captivity

These were the most wonderful birds which i have ever seen live but unfortunately they were imprisoned. They were about the size of domestic sparrows and are being sold in Peshawar Saddar at a rate of 120 Rs. per pair. According to the seller, they were brought from Iran.


Anonymous said...


I cant find people from peshwar in my travels, but I found a WHOLE bunch of peshawari bloggers, a good 3 weeks I have had since I strted blogging:D

and wonderful bird, saddar ki? alla soona rata yadigi :D

I see the word peshawar and the site goes to my links:P

Hope to see more of your work, InshaAllah, from time to time..

Mutant said...

Thanks dear for liking my work and visiting the blog!

Faiza said...

Beautiful! mashaAllah.