Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Attention plz"

Tamam mob companies ne apne custumers ko balance check par 12 paisy Ramazan gift dia hy,
jisko tamam costumors ne reject kardia hy,
jis tarah tamam companies apne customors k khilaf 1 howi hy ,

Bilkul esi tarah tamam customors ne companies k es iqdam k khilaf 1 hony k faisla karlia hy,

Tamam costumors ne ,
"10-9-2009 THURSDAY" ko hartal (strike) ki call di hy,

10 sep ko kisi bi mob se na hi koi sms kia jay ga or na hi koi call ki jaye gi.

Intihaye zarorat ya emargency ki surat may "PTCL" use kia jaye ga.....

Plz 4wd"

I got this sms from a friend and I realized that we are being looted by the teleco's and PTA. As when one loads a Rs.100 card, he is deducted Rs.15 and then we are taxed on every outgoing call and sms. And now charges+tax on balance inquiries is complete injustice to us and we should protest against this. So please Spread the Word and Say No to mobile on 10th Sep.


striker17 said...

Im With u dude we should do that keep it up gud going