Monday, December 03, 2007

PTCL's Pakistan Package NOT Free!

Contrary to how Ptcl's Pakistan Package is publicized,it is absolutely not free because first you have to pay 199Rs+tax/month and secondly there are only 5000 maximum mins which you can avail each month.

The other main Trick deployed is that this package is pre activated on every phone so that everyone should pay 200Rs/month without their knowledge.
Read more Rules @


Why are these telecom companies looting the nation by fake publicity!

I deactivated this service last night by calling 1236.And i Really feel pity for the people who live in villages,being unaware of the rules will have to pay 200Rs/month.


Anonymous said...

nov 28 ko nigran Pm se mulaqat ke after ptcl ne mil kar Greeb Awam ko billions ka teeka laga dia hay

Mutant Human said...

Very True.

Anonymous said...

playing GAMES with own NATION,it is matter of ashame. i feel sorry for such players.BE STRAIGHT BROTHER.WE ARE YOUR,S.OK.........