Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Telenor has launched a service by the name of Tele Doctor (# 1911).This service provides customers with medical advices & opinions from the doctors available online for 24 hours.

The website states:

Telenor TeleDoctor will revolutionize the medical industry by eliminating any doctor patient barriers that might exist due to language, lack of education, lack of mobility, etc.
Being a Doctor myself, I am totally against this service as first of all there is no replacement of being examined by a professional.

Secondly, one does not know the qualification of the person sitting at the other end. He might be a customer service representative advising medications on his own.

Thirdly, its not justice that a telecom company, who just wants to earn money, plays with the health of the nation who already is entangled in the problems of water,flour,electricity,law etc etc.


Duffer said...

ghareebon ko marnay ka ek or tareeqa
shaid is tarah ghareeb jaldi khatam karnay main madad milay g