Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nawaz and Zardari playing hide & seek

I am feeling very proud to announce that our leaders have just introduced a new game, on international scale, which is called as 'Hide & Seek'.In this game one leader goes & hides in a foreign country and the other leader tries to finds him.

Few days back Mr.Zardari went to Dubai who was then followed up by Mr.Nawaz Sharif.And now yesterday Mr.Zardari went to England to chase Mr.Nawaz over there.

The main reason of playing this game is that they want to forget their country people and their problems like electricity, wheat, water, education, health, law etc etc and always trying to extend their game by postponing the real issues.

Very Sad :(

I wonder why these people cannot solve their problems in their own country for once & all instead of playing 'Hide & Seek'.